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Arrebatos Carnales 2: A Novel of Historical Passion by Francisco Martín Moreno

Arrebatos Carnales 2: A Novel of Historical Passion by Francisco MartÃn Moreno

Arrebatos Carnales 2 is a novel by Mexican author Francisco MartÃn Moreno, published in 2010. It is the second book in a series of historical novels that explore the love affairs and sexual scandals of some of the most influential figures in Mexican history.

The novel consists of four stories, each one focusing on a different couple and period. The stories are:



  • Carlota and Maximiliano: The story of the Belgian princess and the Austrian archduke who became the emperors of Mexico during the French intervention in the 1860s. Their marriage was arranged by Napoleon III, but they developed a genuine affection and passion for each other. However, their empire was doomed by the resistance of the Mexican people and the support of the United States to the republican government of Benito JuÃrez. Carlota went mad after Maximiliano's execution and spent the rest of her life in a castle in Belgium.

  • Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo: The story of the famous Mexican muralist and his wife, who was also a renowned painter. Their relationship was marked by artistic collaboration, political activism, mutual admiration, and infidelity. They had several affairs with other people, including Leon Trotsky, who lived with them for a while. They divorced and remarried, but their love was always intense and turbulent.

  • Isabel Moctezuma and HernÃn CortÃs: The story of the daughter of Moctezuma II, the last Aztec emperor, and the Spanish conquistador who led the expedition that conquered Mexico. Isabel was given to CortÃs as a gift by her father, who hoped to appease him and avoid war. CortÃs was fascinated by her beauty and intelligence, and she became his favorite mistress. He also gave her a Christian name, baptized her, and married her to one of his captains. Isabel witnessed the fall of her empire and the rise of a new one.

  • Josefa Ortiz de DomÃnguez and Miguel Hidalgo: The story of the wife of a colonial official and the priest who ignited the Mexican War of Independence in 1810. Josefa was a fervent supporter of the independence movement and a member of a secret society that plotted against the Spanish crown. She was also in love with Hidalgo, who was her confessor and friend. She helped him escape from prison and warned him about a betrayal that threatened his plans. Hidalgo launched the famous "Grito de Dolores" that started the uprising, but he was captured and executed by the royalists.

Arrebatos Carnales 2 is a novel that reveals the human condition and its inevitable surrender to passion. It is based on extensive research and historical sources, but it also adds fictional elements and dialogues to recreate the atmosphere and emotions of the characters. It is a provocative and captivating book that invites readers to discover a different side of Mexican history. 0efd9a6b88


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