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A Call Girl 2009 DVDRip XviD EPiSODE [UPD]

The original version of The Price is Right (or in this case Name the Right Price) was spoofed in a 1961 episode of the variety series called The Garry Moore Show with Bill Cullen making a special appearance.

A Call Girl 2009 DVDRip XviD EPiSODE

The original version of The Price is Right (or in this case The Prize is Priced) made an appearance on an episode of The Flintstones called "Divided We Sail" in 1962 which Barney Rubble appeared as a contestant. Barney missed out on one prize, but struck paydirt in the next round by winning a houseboat by bidding a mere two cents.

In the 1987 episode of the classic medical-drama series St. Elsewhere (originally October 28, 1987) called "Night of the Living Bed", a clip of TPIR can be briefly seen on television as Frank Bermudas (played by Hector Elias) is watching it in his hospital bed.

In the 2006 box office flop Date Movie during a brief spoof of The Bachelor called The Extreme Bachelor: Desperate Edition when the bachelor Grant Fonkyerdoder (played by Adam Campbell) is told by Harrison to pick one girl and eliminate the rest, a sped-up version of the Sheila Cole-era TPIR theme song is played in the background. The theme in particular was created by David Kitay.

In a 2008 episode of the VH1 miniseries called I Love the New Millennium, it briefly talks about how former host Bob Barker is retiring as host of The Price is Right as Drew Carey becomes his official replacement in 2007.

In 2009, former Price host Bob Barker appeared in the award show special on GSN called The 2009 Game Show Awards he appeared in the opening number with Howie Mandel he also has been given a "Legend Award" by Tom Bergeron.

An October 9, 1993 episode of 2 Stupid Dogs a cartoon that originally aired on Cartoon Network and TBS respectively did a parody of TPIR called Let's Make a Right Price (self-explanatory title) hosted by Bill Baker (a spoof of Bob Barker voiced by the late Casey Kasem). While the format was the same, the losers of the bids get doggy treats which is what both he Big and Little Dog (voiced by Brad Garrett and Mark Schiff respectively) actually want because they were both scavenging for food on the studio lot.

A November 2, 1993 episode of Animaniacs called "Chairman of the Bored" the Warner siblings (Yakko, Wakko and Dot respectively) meets a man named Francis Pumphandle in which every calls him "Pip" (voiced by Ben Stein). Pip then talks about cheeseballs and mentions about Bob Barker to the siblings and cannot stop shaking their hands.

A 1995 episode of Beavis & Butt-Head called "Screamers". It mentioned TPIR when both Beavis and Butt-Head are watching the show on their TV. It had ladies screaming when they've won their showcase and then the announcer says "Tomorrow on The Price is Right".

A 1996 episode of Rocko's Modern Life called "Heff in a Handbasket", when Heffer Wolfe becomes a contestant on the game show Triple 6, a hooded guy in a suit named Peaches commands him to "Come on Down...NOW!!!!".

Price was also mentioned in some episodes of Family Guy. The first few episodes were for Barker's era. The first mention was in the episode "Brian in Love" from 2000 where Brian was watching the end of an episode and Bob gave his "spayed and neutered" signoff; a frustrated Brian wished he would "just die already." Another episode called "Screwed the Pooch" from 2001 features Peter Griffin as a contestant on Survivor, as he accidentally knocks over the reality show's backdrop revealing the set of TPIR (both shows run on CBS). In "Tales of a Third Grade Nothing" from 2008, when Prince was on the show, he bid $350, a bid Bob initially did not understand and bid exactly correct. The episode "The Fat Guy Strangler" from 2005, while in contestant's row; after a contestant bid $780, the last contestant bid $781. That infuriated the contestant bidding $780, so he said, "F**K YOU!". In "It Takes a Village Idiot, and I Married one" from 2007, the Griffins rode the Cliffhangers mountain climber while Cleveland Brown was inside a Plinko chip. There were also a couple of episodes where Price was mentioned in Carey's era. The first clip from "New Kidney in Town" from 2011 was during Peter's Red Bull addiction; he appeared in the Showcase Showdown and gave the wheel an incredibly fast spin. After Peter sends out greetings to everyone to the camera, the wheel breaks off, rolls down and kills a section of the audience. Then Peter replies, "Whoa! Paramedics, come on down!" and goes crazy. In another 2011 episode called "Stewie Goes for a Drive" a female contestant got a very crummy showcase which included a hammock, chalk and a trip to Wilmington, Delaware. To much of her disgust, she replies, "I moved my abortion for this". Another episode called "Mom's the Word" from 2014, when Evelyn is kissing Peter in The Drunken Clam, TPIR comes on TV. Another episode called "Brokeback Swanson" from 2015, Joe tries to watch TPIR while manipulating the remote control with his mouth, however, it causes the volume to increase. In the 2016 episode "The New Adventures of Old Tom", a female model of TPIR have been replaced with a male model as it result in a male contestant on the show rejecting a car that was offered to him in the process. In the 2021 episode "And Then There's Fraud", a use of the infamous losing horns were briefly used when referencing the late Kenny Roger's plastic surgeon. In the 2022 episode "Carny Knowledge", When competing in a Generation Gap like contest. Peter holds his answer up as "The Price id Right Yodeler" (obviously referencing Hans/Yodely Guy) when his son Chris put his answer up as "Adele".

Celebrity Deathmatch had a episode from 2002 (Originally April 11, 2002) where former Price host Bob Barker tries to dispatch former host of The Weakest Link Anne Robinson. The episode in general was called "The Mysterious 'T'" and the voice for Barker was Hamlet Sturman while Robinson was voiced by Gigi Marceau-Clarke.

TPIR was briefly spoofed in a 2002 episode (Originally November 10, 2002) of the former UPN/Adult Swim animated series Home Movies in one of the "movie montage" segments as The Price is Nice featuring Brandon Small (voiced by Brandon Small) as a Bob Barker-Like host and Melissa Robbins (voiced by Melissa Bardin Galsky) as a model for the washer and dryer set. The episode in general was called "Time to Pay the Price".

In a 2005 episode of Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, the classic and long-actively running pricing game Cliffhangers was briefly parodied as Hellfire. The spoof stars when Myron Reducto (voiced by Stephen Colbert) calls out his "first and only witness to the stand" Harvey Birdman (voiced by Gary Cole) as he stars asking him to "tell the court if you will where you Mr. Birdman fit on the chart?" he starts to hold a small gold-platted version of Birdman in his hand. Birdman in response says "Well, I'll be right there next to the man." as Reducto places the gold-platted version of Birdman under the green parrot but between the caveman and the dolphin. Birdman then says "Yes, but closer to the bird, maybe." as Reducto puts it close to the parrot. Birdman says "No, no closer to the man" as Reducto puts it back on the caveman on the chart but between him and the dolphin. Birdman then says "No, no closer to the bird, to the man" as the witnesses stars shouting words like "Lower" and "Bird" as it then cuts to the small gold-platted version of Birdman with an old wooden stick climbing the Cliffhangers-like mountain. After it falls off the cliff in the end, Reducto (dressed like Barker) says "nothing further". The episode in general was called "Evolutionary War".

On a February 1, 2006 episode of Drawn Together, a brief scene featuring the Child Services woman (voiced by Paget Brewster) stands in a TPIR-like set in front of the big wheel while urging people to have their Nicaraguan babies spayed or neutered is a spoof of former host Bob Barker's reminder as he urges viewers to help control the pet population by having their pets spayed or neutered after each and every episode of The Price is Right. The episode in general was called "Captain Girl".

Robot Chicken has spoofed TPIR twice. The first was in a May 28, 2006 episode called "Message Chair" in the skit Bloopers! Three had a male contestant spinning the big wheel in the Showcase Showdown as he's getting caught in one of the big wheel's pegs, thus getting spun around multiple times continuously and getting plunked on the ground with each descent. Then in "Bob Barker's New Gig" for the episode "Squaw Bury Shortcake" (a spoof of the cartoon character Strawberry Shortcake) on August 19, 2007.

ADDITIONAL NOTES:Also in the same episode from 2006 Family Feud was also briefly spoofed based on the original Dawson version.In the 2007 episode, rapper Snoop Dogg who has hosted the TBS reboot called Snoop Dogg Presents The Joker's Wild also makes an appearance as he voiced himself.

In a 2012 episode of the Disney animated series Phineas and Ferb called "This is Your Backstory" briefly featured a simulation of Cliffhangers called Gnome-O-Meter where a garden gnome is Hans/Yodely Guy but the board has a huge major difference is that the numbers are labeled from 5,000 to 25,000 instead of 1 to 25 in order for the gnome to climb up or down and because there is no stone place nearby when the gnome is falling, it actually falling down to Wanna's leg.

In the 1985 episode of the horror-anthology series Alfred Hitchcock Presents called "Prisoners" both Jack the escaped convict (played by Yaphet Kotto) and Julie Randall (played by Christina Raines) the housewife are both watching an episode of Price on television.

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