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The research data set contained 401 brightness mode (B-mode) ultrasound images with the correct cross-section of the fetal abdomen. The images were randomly selected from a database comprising data collected during routine ultrasound examinations at the National Center for Fetal Medicine, St. Olavs University Hospital, Norway, by midwives formally trained in ultrasound. Prior to the ultrasound scan, informed consent to use their images for additional analysis was obtained from the pregnant mothers. The research was approved by the local ethics committee (No. 2016/1173). The GA range of the fetuses was 14 to 41 weeks. Five different ultrasound machines were used during the image acquisition: Voluson E8 (GE Medical Systems, Zipf, Austria), Voluson E6 (GE Medical Systems, Zipf, Austria), Voluson 730 (GE Medical Systems, Zipf, Austria), Acuson Antares Premium Edition (Siemens Medical Solutions, Mountain View, CA, USA), and HI VISION Preirus EUB-8500 (Hitachi Medical Corporation, Tokyo, Japan).


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In the validation set, it was possible to measure MAD or AC in 273 out of 310 images (88.1%) by using the automatic method. The most common patterns of measurement failures and manual correction of measurement overestimation are shown in Figure 5. The success rates for the different ultrasound machines

In addition, ultrasound images acquired from different ultrasound machines have different image quality. Therefore, the research data set was prepared with the images acquired from five different ultrasound machines from three different vendors. Images from the newer machines from the same vendor had higher success rates than those of the older machines (Table 2). This is assumed to be because of the better image quality offered by the newer machines.

This paper presents an automatic method for segmenting the fetal abdomen which is suitable to be implemented on portable, low-cost ultrasound machines to measure MAD or AC. The results of the proposed automatic method were more precise for the 14 to 30-week-old fetuses than for 30 to 41-week-old fetuses. The method showed a number of improvements in results when compared to the other fully automatic state-of-the-art method [13] . Additionally, the semi-automatic mode allows the user to correct the measurement errors before final approval of results. Therefore, the method has the potential to be a useful tool during fetal examination on portable and conventional ultrasound machines in LMIC.

We also make larger format and customized AxiDraw machines to order, including the AxiDraw SE/A2 and SE/A1 with plot area of 594 432 mm (23.4 17 inches) and 864 594 mm (34 23.4 inches), respectively. These larger machines typically require a custom shipping quote.

Battery tech is finally advanced enough to be able to pack the punches we need. The newest generations of battery-powered tattoo machines are able to run all day long while maintaining a proper voltage.

Many of the first battery powered tattoo machines had their fair share of flaws. They had a short runtime which caused artists to have to switch batteries or worse, charge a battery, in the middle of a tattoo.

More than 25 million people in the United States have asthma. Another 14.8 million adults have COPD. Respiratory diseases affect individuals and their families, local schools, workplaces, neighborhoods, and the government.1 Nebulizers deliver aerosolized medications for the treatment of patients with pulmonary diseases. These aerosol devices treat patients who cannot coordinate inhalation and actuation to use pressurized metered-dose inhalers (pMDIs) or dry powder inhalers (DPIs) for effective aerosol drug delivery.2 Portable Nebulizers make a significant difference in the lives of respiratory patients by allowing at-home treatments or away-from-home treatments while traveling. By offering aerosol treatments on demand, these breathing machines enhance the quality of life and freedom of respiratory patients. This article examines the different types of portable nebulizers, ranking factors, category rankings, and the top 10 portable devices currently available on the market with side-by-side comparison charts.

Gyrocopters have a wide variety of names. The very first "Auto-rotating" rotor-equipped aeroplane invention was called an "AutoGiro" since its inventor (Juan De-la Cierva) was Spanish. This became "AutoGyro" in English. Nearly all of these historic types resemble a regular winged aeroplane with a rotor added on top and are "Tractor" configurations - where the engine+propellor (not the rotor) is mounted out in front and *pulls the aircraft through the air. In the 1960's, Igor Bensen built a variant that looked nothing like an aeroplane (it had no wings or fuselage), but was more like an open-cockpit lawn chair hanging underneath the Rotors, with the engine and propellor mounted behind the pilot in a "pusher" configuration rather than the "tractor" pull style. He called his machine a "Gyrocopter". Most home-built single-passenger pusher-style machines closely resemble Bensens open-chair design and are most correctly called "Gyrocopters" as a result. This is also the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) definition. Some people prefer to use the generic terms - GyroPlanes, AutoGyros or simply Rotorcraft. All these terms are also technically correct, but the machine in Mad Max is of the open-frame-pusher Bensen design, and so is best called a GyroCopter (often abbreviated to simply "Gyro").

There are several types of sleep therapy machines, but a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine is the most common. A CPAP machine is designed to send a constant flow of airway pressure to your throat so that your airway stays open during sleep, effectively treating the spontaneous pauses in breath associated with sleep apnea.5

Partnering with biomedical engineer Zhongjun Jon Wu, PhD, Peter Angelos Distinguished Professor in Entrepreneurial Surgical Sciences at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, and others, Dr. Griffith designed and patented an artificial lung system.1 Comprising of an oxygen concentrator and a carbon dioxide scrubber, the system reduces the bulkiness associated with ECMO machines. The portability of the device allows patients with acute and chronic lung conditions to ambulate while on mechanical oxygenation, advantageous for recovery.

You will receive instructions on how to use these machines before your baby leaves the hospital. Your doctor will also explain what readings mean you need to call your health care provider. Keep in mind that an alarm may not always signal distress, so it is important to look at your baby's breathing, color, and activity.

The toolbox provides supervised, semi-supervised, and unsupervised machine learning algorithms, including support vector machines (SVMs), boosted decision trees, shallow neural nets, k-means, and other clustering methods. You can apply interpretability techniques such as partial dependence plots, Shapley values and LIME, and automatically generate C/C++ code for embedded deployment. Native Simulink blocks let you use predictive models with simulations and Model-Based design. Many toolbox algorithms can be used on data sets that are too big to be stored in memory.

Another advantage the Stride has over other treadmills is the assembly process. Larger machines take a long time to put together, and actually require significant parts as you move through the assembly steps. The Stride arrives almost completely put together. All you have to do is flip up the arms and connect the emergency stop.

The Bowflex Max Trainer M6 is one of the most compact ellipticals out there. Whereas most home elliptical machines are around 7 to 8 feet long, the M6 is just shy of 4 feet in length. I kept it in my tiny apartment for a solid six months, wheeling it out of the living room and into my bedroom when I had company. Yes, it moves, but it is a little heavy at 148 pounds.

Most people looking for space-saving exercise equipment have one main concern: size. A squat rack, barbell, and bumper plates can take up quite a bit of floor space. And cardio machines? Well, they tend to be big, heavy, and overwhelming.

Mad Eyes is an extremely difficult Hunter to play, who specializes in Map Pressure and has a unique playstyle where he can raise spiked walls (called Fences) almost anywhere on the map to corner and injure survivors for 1/4 damage each time they are hit. These Fences requires Energy to raise, and can only be activated through the "top-down" camera angle that he can activate through Console machines on the map or from his wrist console. Longer Fences require more energy than shorter Fences. Fences can be used to surround a Cipher Machine, close off the Exit Gates and their keypad for a short period of time, or minimize certain map areas.

Nebulizers are machines that turn liquid medications into a fine mist, allowing for easy absorption into the lungs. They are used for a variety of health conditions, including COPD, asthma, and cystic fibrosis, and are sometimes used in conjunction with inhalers. 076b4e4f54


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