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Ls Magazine Issue 9 (Real Professionals) Videos 1-8 'LINK'

Having noticed the advantages of the combination of social media and Phoneography, some well-known newspapers, news magazines and professional photojournalists decided to employ Phone journalism as a new approach. When the London Bombings happened in July 2005, for the first time, both the New York Times and the Washington Post ran photos on their front pages made by citizen journalists with camera phones.[56] As work of witnesses and survivors, the images were less the outcome of documentary intent than a response to a traumatic shock.[56] These photos represented 'vivid, factual accounts of history as it explodes around us',[56] as described by Washington Post journalist Robert MacMillan. In another instance, when superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast, causing great damage and casualty, Time sent out five photographers with iPhones to document the devastation. Photographers dived deep into the site and captured pictures in close proximity to the storm and human suffering. One of the shots, raging ocean waves collapsing on Coney Island in Brooklyn, taken by Benjamin Lowy, made the cover of Time's November 12 issue. Then in 2013, the Chicago Sun-Times got rid of its entire staff of 28 photographers, including John H. White, a Pulitzer Prize winner in photography. The newspaper cited viewers shifting towards more video as a reason. They then employed freelance photographers and required them to train in how to use an iPhone for photography to fill the gap. Some viewers online were quick to point out an at times reduction in quality in comparison to the newspaper's previous full-time professionals.[57][58][59]

Ls Magazine Issue 9 (Real Professionals) Videos 1-8




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