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What are insider tips? A winning rate of up to 98% with these tips

For newcomers in the world of football betting, the term 'insider tips' might sound unfamiliar. However, it would be a disadvantage not to know about this type of tip. It's a form of insider analysis eagerly sought after by many football betting enthusiasts. So, what exactly are insider tips? Why are they so popular? Let's explore soccer tips for weekend all about them in this article with Wintips.

What are Insider Tips?

Insider tips refer to confidential information about a match provided by the bookmakers. Specifically, it involves the process of analysis, calculation, and distinguishing football matches to offer players the highest probability predictions. Typically, these football tips are disclosed by a group of spies or experts who analyze matches outside to serve personal interests.

Selling this confidential information can bring substantial amounts of money to these operatives. These pieces of information are often acquired through players and bettors purchasing data. With this information, they make predictions and place bets on matches to increase their chances of winning.

The Origin of Insider Tips

As the name suggests, insider analysis comes from individuals within the bookmakers' circles. A member within the group acts as a spy sent by the bookmakers to infiltrate the football team's area to gather information. Hence, this explains the high stakes involved in this type of betting.

To acquire the most accurate insider information, Tipster members divulge critical information, such as team lists, secret tactics, and weaknesses of the teams. The spy within the match provides comprehensive information and accurate predictions. These predictions are what the bookmakers offer to the players.

In reality, providing insider tips has been a tradition for quite some time. Some argue that insider tips have existed since the inception of football. That's why many people prefer using these secretive tips and betting in this manner.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Inside Tips in Football Betting

Inside tips in sports betting are highly sought after by experienced bettors. They provide accurate and confidential information, assisting in easily winning in every betting scenario. These football betting tips have the following advantages and disadvantages:


One tip corresponds to one match.

The success rate when using a tip is 98%.

Very few people possess these tips.

Potential profits from owning a tip are significantly high.


Extremely rare and hard to obtain (out of 10 thousand tip sellers, only 3-4 might possess them).

The cost is exorbitantly high and usually reserved for influential individuals.

Difficult to differentiate between genuine and counterfeit tips.

Should You Use Inside Tips or Not?

As mentioned, the success rate of these tips being over 90% makes them highly coveted among football enthusiasts. The sources selling this information are confidential and not publicly disclosed. They are often sold in unofficial markets, black markets, or through specialized secretive organizations. According to experts in this field, one should only purchase these tips after careful scrutiny and ensuring the legitimacy of the source.

Exercise caution when dealing with inside tips as they are incredibly elusive. While numerous companies distribute football tips, very few are genuinely reputable. Finding these trustworthy companies is no easy task. If you buy tips and the outcome is incorrect, chances are 99% that you've been deceived. Acquiring inside tips requires a substantial financial investment. Many advise on purchasing inside tips but seldom reveal having information about them.

Therefore, an easy way to gain internal advice is by networking with experienced individuals in betting circles. You can join betting tips in telegram also learn about seasoned players by browsing through announcements on reputable football forums. If you're fortunate and have enough reputation, you might be led to a place that sells genuinely trustworthy inside tips.


The above is all the information about inside tips that Wintips wants to provide to you. Hopefully, this information will assist you in conquering every football betting challenge. For any queries, please feel free to contact us for clarification.


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