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Defend The Rook [HOT]

Place traps and barricades to defend your castle!Use these wisely to funnel and confuse the invaders. Wreak havoc amongst their ranks and break up their carefully manicured ranks!

Defend the Rook

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Defend the Rook is a turn-based strategy game where you play as a mage against elemental adversaries which challenge him in a battle against his heroes. Those heroes (a knight, a sorceress, and a thief) are tasked each level to fight off five waves of enemy hordes while protecting a mobile tower called a rook (like in chess). The objective is to survive the waves of monsters while protecting that rook from destruction, causing a game over. Battles take place on a kind of tabletop board game with square tile spaces which the heroes move through.

Defend the Rook is a condensed turn based strategy game at its core with the trappings of a roguelite. The main goal of the game is to defend your rook with your three adventurers, aided by powerful turrets and deadly traps.

The game strips the turn based strategy genre to the essentials. You only have four moving units to control in combat. The rook moves very slowly but can attack at a long range with low damage. It must be defended. If the rook is destroyed, the game is over.

The Rook is a slow-moving Demigod who crushes enemies with his hammer. He is a dangerous melee fighter and does not fall easily. He can upgrade himself to gain additional weapons that target enemies independently, and he can raise Towers of Light to defend an area. When he is low on health, the Rook can drain material from structures to heal himself.

The rook's abilities drain little mana, but he has a small mana pool, making him quite dependent on it. It is recommended to start the game by buying equipment which will boost his mana pool and mana regeneration. If done right, then you will be able to use your abilities non-stop (your mana will regenerate faster than your cooldown)

Another thing I like to think about is making the position about the factors that favor me. If I\u2019m up a pawn, I want everything else about the position to be stable and balanced, so the game is about my pawn advantage. After this sequence, White may win if he is able to defend against Black\u2019s attack, but the position is certainly not about a differential of one pawn: it\u2019s about whether or not White will be able to survive. In the game, Giri was not able to defend perfectly and Dubov won brilliantly.

Black has given up two more pawns, but the rooks are exerting a lot of pressure on the second rank and the knight is threatening to jump into d3, hitting White\u2019s queen and preparing a smothered mate on f2. The computer thinks this position is still better for White, but it\u2019s far from easy to defend, especially in a blitz game.

Objectively, Black still stands better in both of these cases, but the situation has gotten murkier. From a practical perspective it\u2019s much better to simply play 17\u2026 Rad8, protecting the loose knight on d5, getting the rook into the game, and adding pressure to the weak pawn on d3. Black can improve the position with simple moves like Rfe8 and Bf8 whereas it\u2019s very hard to find a productive move for White. In such a situation, many players will sabotage their own position in the desire to do something active.

Of Note: The Wildcats once again were able to defend judiciously in the first period holding the Thoroughbreds to one goal in the first period by Mike Gelatt in the 7th minute of the opening frame. Skidmore peppered 15 shots on goal to JWU's six. 041b061a72


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