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Ernest Yakovlev

Nick -- Fata De La Tara

Norman St. John (played by Robert Wisdom; season 3) is a Panamanian drug kingpin incarcerated at Sona, where he is the leader of the prison and is at the top of the prison hierarchy. He appears only in season 3 where his role is similar of that of John Abruzzi in season 1. Ruthless and violent, he earned the nickname "Lechero" when he, at the age of 13, disguised himself as a lechero (milkman) in order to kill his mother's rapist. The character serves as an antagonist and enemy to the protagonists in the early episodes of season 3, but later becomes an uneasy ally. Lechero is introduced in the season 3 premiere episode "Orientacion". Aware of Michael Scofield's ventures as a fugitive from the United States, Lechero views him as a threat to his rule and plots to get rid of him by setting Michael up in a fight to the death with another prisoner. However, Michael survives. Lechero also meets T-Bag in this episode and accepts him as his underling. The relationship between him and Michael continues to be characterized by deceit and mistrust in the next few episodes, like in Call Waiting, when Michael steals Lechero's cell phone. But Lechero learns in Fire/Water, that Michael can be useful as well when he restores water to the prison. Lechero grows increasingly paranoid as the season progresses, and is later tricked by T-Bag that his cronies are planning a coup against him, successfully manipulating Lechero to enlist T-Bag as a spy.

Nick -- Fata de la Tara

David "Whip" Martin (played by Augustus Prew; season 5) is introduced as Michael's cellmate in Ogygia in season 5. He is quickly revealed to know that Michael is not Kaniel Outis, and that he and Michael have been breaking people out of prisons around the world for years. Michael repeatedly calls him his (Michael's) whip-hand, hence his nickname. He is loyal to Michael despite not knowing his real name, but as their time in Ogygia goes on and their escape plan doesn't seem to be working, he starts to become more paranoid that Michael will betray him, which only increases when Abu Ramal, the prisoner they are in Ogygia to break out, is released from solitary confinement. Michael repeatedly tells him he will not leave him, but he continues to be frightened, even fighting Michael and forcing a guard to break them up (though this is part of Michael's plan). He confronts Michael during the escape, where Michael finally reveals his plan to leave Ramal behind, satisfying Whip. However, the escape fails, and he, Michael, Ramal and their cellmate Ja are thrown into solitary confinement, where he starts to become paranoid once again as ISIL strikes land closer to the prison. After Michael convinces Ramal to help them escape, he and Ja are released from their cells when Michael gets the keys. They try to persuade Michael to leave Ramal behind, but Michael admits he is necessary. Eventually the four escape the prison along with Sid, another inmate, and formulate a plan to double-cross Ramal, but he turns the tables on them. Whip tells Ramal he was arrested for killing a man in a barfight, and when they are surprised by Lincoln, he takes the opportunity to kill Ramal, which ends up backfiring. With ISIL hunting them, he continues to follow Michael, now knowing his real name, despite two of their plans for escape failing. Eventually the group tries to escape across the desert to Phaecia, a small fishing village, and Whip kills several ISIL members following them. He accompanies Michael and Lincoln to Crete, Greece, and expresses his admiration for an injured Michael. He then accompanies them on to a freighter, arranged by Sucre, back to the States. When they are caught by NAVY Seals, he escapes with Michael, Lincoln and Sucre in a life raft, and is taken by fishing boat to France, from where Michael instead sends him to Chicago instead of New York. During this time, it is revealed that his real name is David Martin, and that he was a survivor in prison, which is why Michael chose him as his partner (and the cover story he told Ramal may have been why he was originally incarcerated). In Chicago, he follows coordinates given by Michael to Lake Michigan, where he meets T-Bag. T-Bag reveals that he is in fact his father, which is the reason why he Michael made him his whip-hand. During the final confrontation with Jacob Ness, aka Poseidon, he attacks him but is shot by A&W, and he dies on his father's arms. As a result, T-Bag kills A&W and goes back to Fox River prison, where he gets revenge for his son when Michael arranges Jacob to be T-Bag cellmate.

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