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Isaiah Edwards

Setting Up Frida Without Jailbreak On Devices Running Latest IOS 12.1.4 =LINK=

Majority of the times during a penetration test or bug-bounty engagement, you might encounter customers who limit the scope of testing to non-jailbroken devices running the latest mobile OS. How do you dynamically instrument the application in those cases? How do you trace the various functionalities in the application while trying to attack the actual application logic?

Setting up Frida Without Jailbreak on devices running Latest iOS 12.1.4

Developing a jailbreak for iOS is becoming more and more complicated as Apple continues to harden their OS. Whenever Apple becomes aware of a vulnerability, it is patched and a system update is pushed out to all users. As it is not possible to downgrade to a specific version of iOS, and since Apple only allows you to update to the latest iOS version, it is a challenge to have a device which is running a version of iOS for which a jailbreak is available. Some vulnerabilities cannot be patched by software, such as the checkm8 exploit affecting the BootROM of all CPUs until A12.

The latest version of Sideloadly app offers also support for jailbroken devices. Install IPAs onto your jailbroken device without needing to provide your Apple ID. To make this feature work it is required to install AppSync from Cydia.


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