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Gas Dynamics By E Rathakrishnan Pdf 14

Gas Dynamics By E Rathakrishnan Pdf 14: A Comprehensive Textbook for Engineering Students

If you are looking for a textbook that covers all the vital topics and issues associated with gas dynamic processes, then you should consider Gas Dynamics By E Rathakrishnan Pdf 14. This is the seventh edition of the book, which has been revised and updated to provide the most accessible and readable approach to the study of gas dynamics. The book is suitable for a course on Gas Dynamics/Compressible Flows/High-speed Aerodynamics at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and applied physics.

Gas Dynamics By E Rathakrishnan Pdf 14

The book has a strong emphasis on the basic concepts and problem-solving skills, which are essential for understanding and applying the theory of gas dynamics. The book covers topics such as basic equations of compressible flow, wave propagation, steady one-dimensional flow, normal shock waves, oblique shock and expansion waves, potential equation for compressible flow, similarity rule and two-dimensional compressible flows, measurements in compressible flows, optical flow visualization techniques, rarefied gas dynamics and high-temperature gas dynamics.

The book also includes several new features in this edition, such as a new chapter on the power of compressible Bernoulli equation, extra chapter-end examples in Chapter 5, additional exercise problems in Chapters 5, 6, 7, and 8, detailed analytical derivations of some important relations, and solutions manual for instructors containing the complete worked-out solutions to chapter-end problems. The book also provides a computer program to calculate the coordinates of contoured nozzle in C-language.

The book is written by Ethirajan Rathakrishnan, who is a professor of aerospace engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. He is well known internationally for his research in the area of high-speed jets. He has published a large number of research articles in many reputed international journals. He is a Fellow of many professional societies, including the Royal Aeronautical Society.

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Gas Dynamics By E Rathakrishnan Pdf 14 is a comprehensive textbook that will help you master the theory and applications of gas dynamic processes. It is a must-have for engineering students who want to excel in their studies and careers. c481cea774


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