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Buy Boat Covers Online

Great Lakes Boat Top is trusted by over 60 boat brands to make the original covers, tops and canvas enclosures sold with new boats as they come off the showroom floor. If we made the original top, cover or enclosure sold with your boat, we can provide an identical replacement specific to your boat to keep it an original.

buy boat covers online

Custom boat covers offer the best fitting fabric protection for your boat. If you are looking for a great fitted cover for your boat, Go2marine / LFS has the knowledge and boat cover selector guide to help you find the right one. Our wide selection of custom boat covers has custom-fit covers for top boat brands like MasterCraft, Sea Ray, Bayliner and so much more! We partner with top manufacturers like, Westland Industries, Taylor Made Products, and Carver Industries to provide you with premium quality boat cover options. A custom-fit boat cover is designed to tailor fit your boat in the same just the way as when it was first when it rolled out of the factory. with all the originally installed options and equipment. These covers are secured with a draw-string around the hem.

If you want to protect your boat for the long haul, the absolute best bet is to get a Custom cover from a local shop like ours. The price you pay for a full Custom cover only comes down to materials and time (or labor). We can do more than Boat covers. We offer a variety of other textiles as well, including enclosures, Shade screens, upholstery, and Bimini tops. Custom shops offer more fabric options. Each shop also has their own specific fabrication styles: fitting, fabric selections, thread, needed reenactment, getting templates, and production practices. While the cost can vary from shop to shop, the finished product is always worth it.

You want the best protection you can get for your boat, and our team pays extra-special attention to every detail of a custom-fit T-top boat cover. Manufactured in the USA, these all-weather fabrics are made to the highest standards of durability and longevity.

Custom Boat Covers and Semi-Custom Boat Covers to fit just about any boat. Search our online boat cover catalog by Make/Model/Year or by Boat Style. Ameri-Brand Products Inc. provides an entire selection of bimini tops and boatcovers by Carver Industries. Boat covers are available in 6colors of 100% marine polyester, 50/50 poly cotton, 100% cotton, and 60brilliant colors of acrylic Sunbrella; many boats have bothcustom and semi-custom covers available.

A myriad of bimini tops sizes to fit just about any boat. Our custom search program allows you to find bimini top price by boat "make and model" or by measurements. We also have specialty pontoon bimini tops and boat tower bimini tops. We offer Sunbrella Bimini Tops in 60 brilliant colors, as well as Bimini Tops with 50/50 poly-cotton and white vinyl **Prop 65 Warning**

Protect your investment with a boat cover! While your boat may be safely secured, the outdoors can wear down and fade out the look of your boat due to weather, pests, wind shear, or just lack of care. A cover can keep your boat looking brand new. Whether you are looking for a cover for a regular, t-top or pontoon Overton's has a lot of options and styles for you to choose from, or you can personalize it with a custom cover. Either way, Overton's has you literally covered with more quality options from the brands you know and trust.

UV rays from the sun. This can damage any fabrics on the boat such as seat covers and carpet. Airborne dirt or grime that comes from the road while in transit. Keeps wildlife out of your boat during storage.

Attwood has you covered with the best range of boat covers for all uses. All of our boat covers are capable of being trailered. We give you extensive choices of universal-fit, semi-custom and custom-fit patterns, with the right fabrics and price points you need to satisfy all customers.

Westland has over 100 years of combined experience in the marine fabric industry. We only give the Exact Fit name after our custom boat covers are measured, tucked, darted and approved by our pattern craftsmen. Our experience tells us the tighter the fit, the more protected your investment will be from the elements and during transportation. Westland proudly awards our Exact Fit name to all of our Sharkskin and Sunbrella fabrics, which are patterned for over 150 boat manufacturers from our sister company Great Lakes Boat Top.

A: Your new Westland boat cover will ship from Brownsville, TX approximately 5 to 7 business days after your order has been processed. Our standard 5 to 7-day shipping is free through FedEx, or you can choose from the Express Saver, 2-Day, or Standard Overnight shipping options to receive your boat cover even sooner.

A: Westland is dedicated to providing you with short lead times, without sacrificing the high quality you expect from our products. Our extensive digital library of patterns helps us get your cover made quickly, while our state-of-the-art cut and sew canvas facility speeds up the process. Together, these resources allow us to get your new boat cover made and ready to ship in just 5 to 7 days.

A: Our extensive library of Exact Fit custom boat covers includes high quality covers that are cut and patterned for more than 150 boat manufacturers. It also includes semi-custom Select Fit covers for over 46 unique boat styles. To find out whether we have an Exact Fit or semi-custom cover for your boat, take advantage of our easy-to-use cover finders. Simply look up the make/model/year of your boat, or shop by boat style and use our measurement guide to find the cover you need.

A: Measuring your boat for the right Westland cover is easy! Start with a straight-line measurement down the center of your boat, from bow to stern. Then, measure the beam width, or the widest point of your boat. Once you have your measurements, use our measurement guide to find the right cover for your boat. For runabout boats we take the drive type into consideration..

A: No. Instead of making snap covers, Westland secures all covers with a heavy duty unbreakable rope. If you are looking for an OEM replacement snap cover, you can take a look at our sister company, Great Lakes Boat Top. With over 60 years of experience in providing OEM replacement canvas, Great Lakes Boat Top can help get you what you need.

A: Your Westland boat cover is made with high quality, mildew-resistant Sharkskin and Sunbrella fabrics, but mold and mildew are still inevitable in any marine environment. To keep your cover in top shape, we recommend regular cleaning and maintenance. Using a cleaning solution and retreating with water repellant once a year will help you avoid mildew growth and more time-consuming cleanings down the road.

A: Westland is the sister company of Great Lakes Boat Top, the OEM canvas replacement experts that make the original factory patterns for our Exact Fit boat covers. Great Lakes Boat Top works directly with boat manufacturers to be able to create and provide original canvas for boat builders. We then take these patterns to create our custom and semi-custom aftermarket replacement canvas. With the canvas patterns from Great Lakes Boat Top, Westland is able to provide high quality Exact Fit boat covers that offer both durability and reliable protection during trailering.

Our Southern Storm range of boat covers from The Cover Shop are one of the best semi custom on the market. The solution dyed marine grade polyester is coated with a polyurethane coating, making it water and UV resistant. Solution dyed fabric has excellent abrasion resistance, superior colour consistency and excellent everyday clean-ability. This specific breathable fabric allows moisture to escape which ensures it is mold and mildew resistant. These covers come with a high quality storage bag to keep the cover safe when not in use. Semi custom boat covers made for V-hull Cuddy Cabins with bow rails.

For roughly the last decade, we have been sewing laser-engraved, rubber tags into all of our boat canvas parts. These tags are meant to be permanent. If your boat canvas has one of these tags (as pictured) branded either Taylor Made or Ameritex, it contains your original part number (P/N) and date of manufacturing (DT). That is all the info we need to remanufacture the exact same boat fabric parts that originally came with your boat.

NOTE: If your boat canvas does not have one of these tags, we are unable to recreate your canvas. Without a part number, we have no way to tell which of the thousands of canvas patterns in our system fit your boat.

We cannot sell individual boat covers directly from Transhield. You can buy individual boat covers online through one of our authorized distributors. Just complete the Request a Quote form and we will connect you to the nearest distributor. Should you have any questions about fit or application, please feel free to call us at 888-731-7700. Or visit our YouTube page for basic covering methods.

FOR STORAGE: Our covers are designed for use during transportation and storage. If you are using the cover for storage only, it is recommended that you shrink the cover; however, it is not mandatory. Just be sure that you tie down the cover to make sure it does not blow away or gather too much snow or water. Because the cover is not shrunk, it will collect water in depression areas. It is best to use a center pole to avoid the possibility of pooling water in the center of the boat. Shrinking the cover provides strength to the material and resists water and snow build up.

While they may seem like a simple piece of fabric that you lay over the top of your boat, boat covers are far more important than you may imagine. Many boaters will simply buy the cheapest cover that they can find online, but that is not the right way to go. We know that you are not looking for an in-depth dive into boat covers, so here are the essentials of what you need to know about boat covers and how you find the perfect one. 041b061a72


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