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Moonchild Sanelly - Askies ft. JazziDisciples and Matse: mp3 Download Link

How to Download Moonchild Askies MP3 for Free

If you are a fan of South African music, you might have heard of Moonchild Sanelly, a singer, songwriter, and dancer who is known for her signature blue hair and her unique music genre called "future ghetto punk". One of her latest songs, Askies, is a catchy and upbeat track that features JazziDisciples, a duo of producers who specialize in amapiano, a subgenre of house music that originated in South Africa. Askies is a slang word that means "sorry" or "excuse me" in South African languages. The song is about having fun and not caring about what others think.

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If you want to download Moonchild Askies MP3 for free, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you more about Moonchild Sanelly, her music style and genre, her popular songs and collaborations, and what Askies is all about. We will also show you where to find and download Askies MP3 for free legally and safely. Let's get started!

Who is Moonchild Sanelly?

Biography and background

Moonchild Sanelly's real name is Sanelisiwe Twisha. She was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, in 1987. She comes from a musical family, with her brother being a hip hop producer, her mother a jazz singer, and her cousins kwaito dancers. She moved to Durban in 2005 to study fashion at the Linea Fashion Design Academy and stayed there for six years. She started performing at shows at Durban University of Technology with a focus on poetry and hip hop. She also featured regularly on a weekend show on Gagasi FM, called Poetry with King Siso.

In 2011, she relocated to Johannesburg to pursue her music career and her personal brand. She released her debut album Rabulapha! in 2015, which earned her a nomination at the South African Music Awards for Best Alternative Album. She has since collaborated with many local and international artists, such as DJ Maphorisa, Busiswa, Beyoncé, Die Antwoord, Gorillaz, Diplo, Wizkid, and Major Lazer. She has also performed at various festivals around the world, such as SXSW in Austin, Texas; Primavera Sound in Barcelona; Coachella in California; and Shoko Festival in Zimbabwe.

Music style and genre

Moonchild Sanelly's music style and genre are hard to define, as she blends elements from different influences and creates her own sound. She calls it "future ghetto punk", which is a mix of kwaito, hip hop, dancehall, funk, electronic, R&B, soul, and amapiano. Her music is characterized by minimal, raw, and repetitive beats with heavy bass lines and distinctive vocals. She sings mostly in English but also incorporates township slang and other South African languages.

Moonchild Sanelly's music is also known for its bold and provocative themes. She often sings about sexuality, feminism, empowerment, nightlife, and having fun. She does not shy away from expressing herself freely and openly. She also uses her music as a platform to raise awareness about social issues such as gender-based violence, HIV/AIDS prevention, and LGBTQ+ rights.

Popular songs and collaborations

Moonchild Sanelly has released many songs that have gained popularity both locally and internationally. Some of her most famous songs include:

  • Rabubi: This was her breakthrough single from her debut album Rabulapha!. It is a catchy song that showcases her vocal range and versatility.

  • Makhe: This was a collaboration with DJ Maph orisa and DJ Shimza. It is a dance anthem that features Moonchild Sanelly's signature rap style and catchy chorus.

  • My Power: This was a collaboration with Beyoncé, Tierra Whack, Nija, and Busiswa for the soundtrack of The Lion King: The Gift. It is a powerful song that celebrates the strength and beauty of African women.

  • Bashiri: This was a single from her EP Nüdes, which was released in 2020. It is a song that mocks fake prophets who exploit people's faith and money.

  • Thunda Thighs: This was another single from her EP Nüdes, which was also released in 2020. It is a song that celebrates body positivity and self-love.

What is Askies?

Song features and lyrics

Askies is one of Moonchild Sanelly's latest songs, which was released in 2021. It features JazziDisciples, a duo of producers who are known for their amapiano beats. Amapiano is a subgenre of house music that originated in South Africa and is characterized by piano melodies, percussions, and basslines. Askies is a slang word that means "sorry" or "excuse me" in South African languages. The song is about having fun and not caring about what others think.

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The lyrics of Askies are simple and catchy, with Moonchild Sanelly repeating the word "askies" throughout the song. She also sings about dancing, drinking, smoking, and enjoying life. She says that she does not need anyone's permission or approval to do what she wants. She also says that she does not care about the haters or the critics who try to bring her down. She says that she is happy and confident in herself and her music.

Reception and reviews

Askies has received positive reception and reviews from fans and critics alike. The song has been praised for its upbeat and infectious vibe, its catchy and memorable chorus, and its fusion of amapiano and future ghetto punk. The song has also been hailed as a party anthem that can make anyone dance and feel good.

Askies has also been streamed and downloaded millions of times on various platforms, such as YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, SoundCloud, and more. The song has also been played on various radio stations and TV channels across South Africa and beyond. The song has also been featured on several playlists and charts, such as the Top 100 South Africa playlist on Spotify, the Top 40 SA playlist on Apple Music, the Top 10 Amapiano Songs chart on Fakaza, and more.

Dance moves and challenges

Askies has also inspired many dance moves and challenges on social media platforms, such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Many people have posted videos of themselves dancing to the song using different styles and techniques. Some of the popular dance moves include:

  • The Askies Dance: This is a dance move that involves shaking your hips from side to side while saying "askies" repeatedly.

  • The Moonwalk: This is a dance move that involves sliding your feet backwards while moving your body forward.

  • The Gwara Gwara: This is a dance move that involves lifting one leg up and down while twisting your waist.

  • The Vosho: This is a dance move that involves dropping your body to the ground while bending your knees.

  • The Shaku Shaku: This is a dance move that involves crossing your arms over your chest while moving your legs in a zigzag pattern.

Where to Download Askies MP3 for Free


Bandcamp is one of the best places to download Askies MP3 for free legally and safely. Bandcamp is an online platform that allows artists to upload their music and sell it directly to their fans. Fans can stream or download the music for free or pay what they want. Bandcamp also supports independent artists by giving them 80% of the revenue from their sales.

To download Askies MP3 for free from Bandcamp, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to .

  • Find the song Askies from her album Nüdes.

Click on the name of the song or the play button to listen to it


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