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UTorrent V1.8.1 DHT Patch Full Version [PORTABLE]

I am desperately in need of help with my utorrent as its download speed has been severely handicapped. I do not believe it is due to the v1.8 patch since I have never touched any settings at all. Hence it should be some other factors (internal or external) which is causing this problem. One very important clue I noticed was my connected seed or peer are always below 10 which has never happened before even after connected for hours. For example: 8 of 3184 connected (9684 in swarm). After looking up at various faqs and similar forum threads, I still could not resolve the issue pr increase my connected seeds and peers. Below are my system specs, network connection and utorrent settings. Hope it helps and many thanks.

UTorrent V1.8.1 DHT Patch Full Version

BitComet does something different still. Its peer_id consists of four ASCII characters 'exbc', followed by two bytes x and y, followed by random characters. The version number is x in decimal before the decimal point and y as two decimal digits after the decimal point. BitLord uses the same scheme, but adds 'LORD' after the version bytes. An unofficial patch for BitComet once replaced 'exbc' with 'FUTB'. The encoding for BitComet Peer IDs changed to Azureus-style as of BitComet version 0.59.

Changes for v3.2 build 27026 Beta - v3.2 build 27097Fix: Fixes to parsing the following filetypes: MKV, AVI, mp3Fix: Update AV license key and add UI to handle virus definition update failChange: update MIME type for *.mp4, *.m4aFix: Recognize jpeg extensionFix: Fix uTP delay graphFeature: Magnet link preload in "Add torrent" dialogChange: Report utorrent version on port 10000 (webui)Fix: UI fix to built in player bottom barFix: Picking "Show In Folder" on a transcoded torrent now works.Fix: Add torrent window now remembers its location.Fix: paths would be wrong with magnet links in Add Torrent dialogFix: several crashesFeature: add What's New appFeature: add device unpairing dialog to settings

Changes for v1.6.1 Build 490 - v1.7 Beta Build 1092Change: Tooltips over status bar and toolbar are now native tooltips instead of custom-drawnFix: Bandwidth Allocation selection bug fixedFix: Modal dialog boxes now give focus on close to the proper window (add button in RSS now gives focus back to RSS window, for example)Feature: Outgoing port range, via advanced settings (net.outgoing_max_port)Feature: List number of pieces we have in General tab (as part of Pieces:)Feature: Mark unavailable pieces as red in the Files tab (like in the general tab)Feature: Auto uplink throttling (beta)Feature: List web seeds in General tabFeature: Web seed support for single-file torrentsFeature: NAT-PMP supportFeature: Local Peer DiscoveryFeature: Option to configure whether rate limits apply to local peers (bt.limit_local_peers)Feature: Support for HTTPS links in RSS feedsFeature: Next Piece displayFeature: Remembering the last selected tab in the main viewFeature: Remembering the last selected tab in the preferences viewFeature: Vista font scaling support (DPI aware)Feature: Secondary column sorting should now be supported by all list viewsFeature: New treeview-based add torrent dialogFeature: Added Reboot and Quit on Finished optionsFeature: Tracker "warning message" supportChange: State files (resume.dat etc) are now hash protectedChange: Save aside bad state files as .bad for analysisChange: Remove modal state file dialogs, instead log a message, only modal at program exitChange: UPnP now ignores net.outgoing_port settingChange: Added grid lines to speed graphsChange: Parse FlashGet client versionChange: Added Log Errors to Logger context menuChange: Reject duplicate IDs (mimic Mainline)Change: Remove UPnP unicastChange: Send multiple UPnP search messages each time (because UDP is awesome)Change: Display client name as advertized in extension headerChange: The scrolled window in the main tab is now able to receive standard inputChange: New installation system, including the ability to uninstallChange: Now notes if it can't use APPDATA for settings in the logChange: Main window is now clipped to the monitor it is run onChange: Search bar is now hidden if the window is too smallChange: During execution the application no longer prompts the user to save the resume file; only on exit nowChange: The number of queued items in the create torrent dialog is decreased, which results in a quicker response time when stopping creationChange: Several ok/cancel dialogs have been replaced with shorter yes/no versionsChange: Log listview now selects current item if it is full and keeps getting messagesChange: New method is used to try to automatically determine an open port for the speed wizard on startup. This same method can be used by setting the incoming port to 0.Change: show tooltips for items in listviews with elipses "..."Change: Add some keys and input to scrolled window in general tabChange: Show torrent creator by the "Created On:" column in the general tabChange: highlight existing torrent when duplicated torrent addedFix: Various issues with enabling/disabling Verbose in Logger context menuFix: Stopped/paused torrents no longer hold up auto shutdownFix: Make Create Torrent more responsive to CancelFix: Log the correct internal port in UPnP port mapping log messageFix: Eliminate temporary on screen client version corruptionFix: Various minor issues with HTTP client implementation (error handling, parsing)Fix: Incoming HTTP connections could sometimes go dead (event dispatch problem)Fix: Some internal size calculations weren't 64-bit cleanFix: RSS error loggingFix: The general tab should now scroll down to and show the full comment fieldFix: Fix many flicker issues throughout the applicationFix: Correct WinSock version detection it should fail now if it detects the wrong versionFix: Custom speedlists now show instead of the default in the main listview context menuFix: Correct acquisition of special operating system paths (such as the windows directory) on Windows 95 familyFix: Fix shortcut creation for Windows 95 familyFix: Fix diskspace information on Windows 95 familyFix: Confirmation dialog for resume file saving now actually tries to save the resume file on retryFix: Create torrent dialog now closes all the way when the close button is pressed during torrent creationFix: Cleared progress bar in create torrent dialog when stoppingFix: Fix various tab order bugs in main windowFix: Shutdown on finish option will now shutdown the machine, even if it is lockedFix: Fix file association if uTorrent is installed after BitTorrent mainline clientFix: 307 redirection HTTP code is now handled, instead of an error (i.e. Logging is now done in Unicode, fixing some I18N issuesFix: Speed wizard no longer asks you to confirm twice when trying to close it from its close boxFix: Log listview no longer shows the horizontal scrollbar if it is past the last visible item but doesn't need toFix: Pressing ESC on exit dialog will dismiss the dialogFix: Fix z order of searchbox/toolbar on older windowsFix: Fix scrolling bug where scrollbar would not redraw sometimesFix: Association check for limited usersFix: Enable users to have "maindoc.ico" in the settings folder for associated documents' icons for fixing them on older windows versions that don't automatically generate them

I need a few things answered here if someone would be so kind as to do so.Does this thing still have all the ad banner bs in it? and to the comment 2 rows down, was version .70 the latest version to not have the ad banners, thank you.Oh the review, won't know till my questions are answered, BUT this used to be the king, idc what you say. as for now bitspirit, utorrent deluge and vuze (if your pc can handle it) ar ethe way to go

Avoid Avoid Avoid Avoid,This is total scumware please pay us money if you want your download to go faster and want a better version. Please be bombarded with adverts while your downloading. Please allow me to take control of your scumware by the author. bloated and full of ad targeted content. I suggest a full spyware scan of your pc if you installed this. Die program die, Scams newbies to bittorent network and no others. *********** BE WARNED STAY AWAY FROM THIS PROGRAM!! *************this is a warning avoid the download and install of this program if you want ad targeted program pop ups or browser behavior monitoring and click on this to continue. Or while im downloading please click on this advert to continue. It will monitor your pc while you download to supply you with ad content on what your doing. *********** BE WARNED STAY AWAY FROM THIS PROGRAM!! *************after installing this program 30 seconds ago here you go my first pop upComet Passport is an account system that can be used in the BitComet Software and the following websites. With Comet Passport, not only can you get a better downloading speed, but also sign in all supported websites without register again.yeah add supportedand my second pop up 2 mins laters***eware

There may be version problem but most recent versions work better than Azureus and every other one I've tried, even Utorrent which is itself decent. It makes full use of bandwidth. Best of all, little known is that you can select files from within torrents enabling you to view sample movies for example. Indespensible and controversial feature. Excellent!

believe me,this is the best bittorrent client available on the scene!I tried downloading a part of a file and in process tried every single piece of software available!then i saw this new version of bc,and it worked instantly!i stopped it and tried with other clients= azureus,utorrent,bittorrent....and didn't get the stuff!this is the best,dont go anywhere else! 350c69d7ab


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