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How Much To Buy A Whole Cow

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How Much To Buy A Whole Cow

Farmers who raise cattle for beef often use the term "freezer beef" for the meat that they sell. The term is used interchangeably with bulk or wholesale beef. It means that you've bought beef in whole, half-, or quarter-portions from the cattle raised. You are buying beef that is less than 24 months of age. These are heifers and steers. The generic term most people are familiar with is cow.

Beef farmers have different costs per pound for whole, half-, and quarter-beef. Some beef farmers factor in a separate fee per pound for processing or it's already included in their pricing. Others may have a set processing fee. Either way, it's a fee that is paid to the processor.

Per pound prices at Brost Farms in Monroe are: $4.55 for whole beef, $4.65 for a half and $4.75 for a quarter beef. The cost is based on the total hanging weight. The actual physical amount of beef that you take home will be about 30% less of the hanging weight and will up that base price.

The $6.64 is the price per pound for all the cuts of meat, from ground beef to roasts and steaks that you are taking home. This is where some of the savings come in because you're paying the same price for ground beef as you are for T-bone steaks, whole roasts, and tenderloin.

I just reserved my 1/4 share. Super Excited!! I spoke with Stefan, the owner and rancher,great guy and thoroughly answered all of my questions and walked me through the whole process. Keep up the great work.

When planning our 2 weeks visit in PA (coming from rural England and obsessed with quality food) we decided to look into local sources of grass pastured meats.Beaver Brook Ranch came to our attention and we contacted Stefan to inquire about possible online order while still in UKHe came up with an up to date selection of available meat cuts and we placed our order that was delivered on the day of our arrival to PA.Fantastic quality with some great breakfast ideas which made our life so much easier( with self-catering and special dietary requirement as well as limited time for cooking when on the go)I would especially recommend Beaver Brook Ranch sausages, bacon and minute steaks.Thanks so much Stefan & teamI cannot praise the service highly enough!

Hi Stefan,Thank You so much for everything!!So far we have only tried the Flanks and they were fantastic!!I will be making stew this weekend.If you have a killer stew recipe please share.I also told my sister about your farm.She actually lives in hope.I look forward to the recipe postings .A very Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Up to 50 years ago, dry aged beef was the norm, then with the advent of increased efficiencies in beef processing and transportation, lost the dry aging process. Dry-aging beef is essentially allowing whole or primal cuts of beef to hang in a humidity controlled environment with a constant flow of air in temperatures between 34 -36 degrees for an extended period of time.

For our North Carolina customers we offer whole cow of meat which is roughly 300-400 pounds of beef. We simply ask that you put a deposit down of $550.00 to reserve and the remainder due at the time of delivery.

The cost for a whole cow is approximately $7.50/lb including processing. This cost covers the cost of processing. While this is quite a bit more expensive than some beef purchased at the grocery store, the price per lb of protein is very competitive (with grassfed beef you are getting a higher protein product). Think of it this way: with grass fed, grass finished beef, most of the excess fat is cut out before you get it.

All beef produced is born on our farm - direct farm to table! We oversee every aspect of the beef's development and production. Our beef is available for purchase in 1/4, 1/2, and whole beef portions.

Beef is available to purchase in quarters, halves or whole portions. Our beef is home raised and fed where they are backgrounded on grass and finished on a corn based diet. Our beef is natural with no added hormones and can be cut to customers specifications.

We sell custom quarter, half and whole beef as well as individual, inspected beef cuts. Our Monthly Meat Provision is a convenient option for regular, monthly meat deliveries right to your door.

We raise Limousin and Angus cross cattle, providing beef as individual cuts, bundles, whole, halves and quarters all are USDA inspected. We sell off the farm, pick up locations across the Des Moines Metro and on ChopLocal.

Fair Prices - Black Angus, Red Angus, and a few Charolais available. We work with Dan's Locker in Earlville, Winthrop Locker, and Edgewood Locker to provide individual cuts, bundles, quarters, halves, and whole packages.

TVR Beef is grain fed and harvested hormone and antibiotic free. We have extensive records and documentation of how animals are cared for which is available upon request. Beef is available for purchase in quarters, half and whole beef portions. Our family has been raising beef for five generations.

Our beef is 100% grass fed beef raised on our century family farm from birth to harvest. Individual cuts and bundles are available for purchase via our website, beef shares (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and whole), and the following grocery stores: Wheatsfield Cooperative in Ames, Simply Nourished in Clear Lake, and Simply Nourished in Mason City.

If you need beef to get you through until your half or whole is ready, or don't want this much beef all at once, our 30 lb Beef Box is an excellent option! Its about 1/10 of an animal and will fit nicely in your fridge freezer! Or check out our individual cut offering here.

This deposit will reserve you a whole or half animal cut to your specifications. This is only a deposit, it will be applied to the final purchase price of your beef. Your final payment is due at time of pick up, or prior to delivery via Interac email money transfer, or cash. We do not accept Credit or Debit for payment of these orders!

We dry age your beef for 7-10 days. Then our butcher carefully cuts up your beef to your specifications. Once the beef is packaged how you specified, it is immediately frozen to lock in all the nutrients! Note: Your beef will arrive frozen. Why, you may ask It is much easier to deliver and store frozen then it is to keep it fresh, also there is no chance of bacteria growing on the meat, thus no requirement to treat the meat so it doesn't grow bad bacteria.

If you are looking to enjoy nose to tail, want a years supply of beef, or have a family to feed and lots of freezer storage this is a good option for you. Just remember when buying a whole or half animal you are buying by dressed weight, and you will lose 25-35% of the initial weight due to the cutting process and based on your cutting instructions. For more information on this please visit our FAQ page. This deposit is required to reserve an animal for you. This way you are able to specify your cutting instructions.

If you are one that likes to specify cutting instructions and are looking for a whole or half animal, or a years supply of beef, or have a family to feed and lots of freezer storage this is a good option for you. When you order a whole or half animal you are able to specify your own cutting instructions so you get the cuts exactly like you want them. Just remember when buying a whole or half animal you are buying by dressed weight, and you will lose 30-35% of the initial weight due to the cutting process. For more information on this please visit our FAQ page. When you order a whole or half you are able to get all the off cuts and organs if you want them ( heart, tongue, liver, kidneys, knuckle bones, marrow bones, neck bones and oxtail). There is no extra charge for them. Whole and Half animals are only available for pick up, or delivery through out the summer and late fall. We DO NOT stock them. This deposit is required to reserve an animal for you. This way you are able to specify your cutting instructions.

There's this incredible mystery surrounding the cost of buying a whole cow or even half. It feels almost too overwhelming and by the time you hear hanging weight and live weight or take home weight, you're just ready to throw your hands up and say never mind.

The answer There is no specific answer we can offer right now and here's why. At the end of the day, it really boils down to how much the LIVE weight was of your cow, but your Rancher will most likely go by hanging weight. I know, not much help, right

The question at the end of the day that is important to know, what is the LIVE weight of your animal That is how you will get a better beat on how much your investment is going to be, but the Rancher, knowing his target weights for his animals, will give you a ballpark.

Get the entire ULTIMATE SUPER MEGA Large Family Freezer Meal Packs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 here, plus *so much* MORE! PLUS YOU GET TONS OF ADDITIONAL added products such as meal plans, cookbooks, and more in the GET IT ALL BUNDLE!!

This is also a yet-to-be-seen guesstimate. I was recently talking with a friend who farms. She has 3 small children and said that a whole cow lasts her family of five about 12-18 months. I have a family twice that size with adults, teens, almost teens, lots of elementary-aged kiddos, and some littles. My best estimate at this time is an entire cow will last us about 9 months. I joke about that in my new cow buying video because most good things take about 9 months around here, ha! 59ce067264


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