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Ben 10-Race Against Time (2007) DVDRip [Dual Audio Train Annime Press C

Ben 10-Race Against Time (2007) DVDRip [Dual Audio train annime press c

Ben 10-Race Against Time is a live-action movie based on the animated series Ben 10, which follows the adventures of a boy who can transform into different aliens using a device called the Omnitrix. The movie was released on DVD in 2007 and features dual audio tracks in English and Japanese, as well as subtitles in both languages. The movie was produced by Cartoon Network and directed by Alex Winter, who also plays the villain Eon.

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The movie's plot revolves around Ben Tennyson, his cousin Gwen, and his grandfather Max, who return to their hometown after a summer of fighting aliens across the country. Ben tries to adjust to his normal life, but soon finds out that Eon, an evil alien from another dimension, is after his Omnitrix. Eon plans to use the Omnitrix to open a portal to his world and unleash his army of Chronians, who can manipulate time. Ben must stop Eon and save the world, while also dealing with his school problems and his rival Cash.

The movie received mixed reviews from critics and fans, who praised the action scenes and the special effects, but criticized the acting, the script, and the deviation from the original series. The movie also features several references and Easter eggs to the Ben 10 franchise, such as the appearance of some of Ben's alien forms, the Plumbers, and Vilgax. The movie has a runtime of 67 minutes and is rated PG for some mild action violence.

If you are interested in watching Ben 10-Race Against Time, you can find it online on various streaming platforms or download it from [this link]. You can also listen to the soundtrack of the movie on [SoundCloud]. For more information about the movie, you can visit its [official website] or read its [Wikipedia page].


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