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Sarvnayak Raj Comics Pdf 29

Sarvnayak Raj Comics Pdf 29

Sarvnayak is a popular comic series published by Raj Comics, featuring a crossover of various superheroes and villains from the Raj Comics universe. The series started in 2013 with the first issue Yugandhar, and has since released 15 issues as of 2023. The latest issue, Sarvaayudh, was released in 2023. The series is written by Nitin Mishra and illustrated by Hemant Kumar.

The series revolves around the concept of time travel and parallel universes, where a mysterious entity named Yugandhar has created a device called Sarvmandal that can manipulate time and space. Yugandhar plans to use the device to destroy all the timelines and create a new one where he is the supreme ruler. To stop him, various heroes and villains from different eras have to join forces and fight against him and his army of Sarvshaktis, who are enhanced versions of themselves.

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The series has been praised for its epic storyline, action-packed scenes, and character development. It has also been criticized for its complex plot, delayed releases, and inconsistent artwork. The series is available in both print and digital formats, and can be downloaded as PDF files from the official Raj Comics website or app.

The following is a list of all the issues in the Sarvnayak series, along with their release dates and summaries:



Release Date




August 27, 2013

The first issue introduces the main antagonist Yugandhar, who reveals his plan to destroy all the timelines and create a new one. He also introduces his army of Sarvshaktis, who are enhanced versions of various Raj Comics characters. He sends them to different eras to kill their counterparts and collect their powers. The issue also shows how Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva, Parmanu, Doga, Shakti, and Bhokal are attacked by their Sarvshaktis in their respective timelines.



December 4, 2013

The second issue shows how the heroes manage to survive the attacks of their Sarvshaktis and learn about Yugandhar's plan. They also meet Professor Nagmani, who is a friend of Nagraj's father and an expert on time travel. He tells them that he has created a device called Yugmudra that can help them travel across different timelines and stop Yugandhar. He also tells them that they have to find other heroes from different eras and form a team called Sarvnayak to fight against Yugandhar.



May 20, 2014

The third issue shows how the heroes use the Yugmudra to travel to different eras and recruit other heroes for their team. They meet Tiranga, Shaktimaan, Inspector Steel, Anthony, Kobi-Bheriya, Bankelal, Gamraj, Fighter Toads, and Ashwaraj. They also face some challenges and enemies along the way, such as Kaalnemi, Mahakaal, Nagpasha, Mahamanav, Zalim Singh, Shakura, etc.

If you want to read the Sarvnayak series in PDF format, you can download them from [here]. You will need to register on the Raj Comics website or app and pay a nominal fee to access them.

Sarvnayak is one of the most ambitious and popular comic series by Raj Comics. It features a crossover of various superheroes and villains from different eras and timelines. It has a complex and thrilling plot that keeps the readers hooked. It also showcases the evolution and development of the characters as they face their greatest challenge ever. If you are a fan of Raj Comics, you should definitely check out this series and enjoy the ultimate comic experience.


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