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Ian Turner
Ian Turner


Prince Albert von Thurn und Taxis was once the youngest billionaire on the Forbes' list of billionaires. Now 24 years old, he's worth an estimated $2 billion, thanks to extensive assets in real estate and business. He's currently studying business and theology at the University of Edinburgh. He takes study breaks to race cars for Reiter Engineering.


Princess Madeline of Sweden, known as "Len" to her friends, is the youngest of the Swedish royal siblings. She has raised eyebrows for her temporal teenage transgressions and less-than-conservative eveningwear. She's currently linked to Jonas Bergström, as assistant lawyer in Stockholm.

The teen drama series centers on Prince Wilhelm, a young prince who gets sent to a boarding school after a scandal tarnishes his reputation. Things only get worse for Wilhelm when he moves up in the royal succession, becoming the next in line to the throne. Like most teen dramas, Young Royals has a fun and eccentric teen ensemble group that ranges from selfish to selfless.

Later they met young entrepreneurs, before attending a party organised by the British embassy to celebrate Queen's 91st birthday, where William praised the strong ties between the two countries. Around 900,000 Poles live in Britain while Poland hosts British troops as part of NATO forces. 041b061a72


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