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Project Slayers Fish Auto Farm Script!

The third most useful item is the fishing rod to help you fish in project slayers rivers. For earning extra money in Project Slayers fishing is the best way. You can use the money from fishing to buy more powerful weapons and objects that interest you and make your game even better.

Project Slayers Fish Auto Farm Script!

I don't know why, but every time I bot now, I'm getting banned like almost instantly or the next day. I make a new account manual train it for a week and do quest's then bot. I'm not sure if I'm flagged constantly change IP etc. I'm mostly running juggle's fisher and apaec's fletcher and can't find them in the script's section anymore but they still show up in my bot client, is this maybe how i'm being detected?

The stats on the account below are much higher now, and have another account along the same lines (out of 3 only 1 has been perma banned but Im pretty sure its because I let it fish for minnows on accident one day for like 10 hours). I started playing around with getting high mining, fihsing/cooking, and RC on different accounts. I have an account now that has all combat stats at 80+ and all other stats are 50-mid 80s except farming, slayer, and herblore. Farming because im to lazy to really get the script going effectively, herblore just because i have not got around to it, and slayer because slayer script has monthly fee and I only had it and played with it for a month. 041b061a72


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